Rapper Adopts Puppy After White Woman Threw The Adorable Doggy At Him During Rant

In a bizarre incident that was caught on cam, a heartless Karen woman was seen throwing a puppy at a rapper.

Glomerular, a rapper from the United States of America, posted a video on social media that showed a white woman holding a puppy and preventing the rapper from getting back into his car because she did not believe that he owned the car.

The woman was seen walking towards him and was constantly told that he was black.

The white woman, who was not identified, was asked by Glomula about why she was holding the dog in the wrong and unsafe way, instead of correcting her holding position, the woman threw the puppy towards the rapper.

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Me n movie

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The puppy could be heard crying after getting thrown away.

The best thing that happened in that was Glomula ended up getting the dog up and taking care of it.

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Me n movie

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Glomula ended up adopting the dog and taking care of it on his own.

He also shared images of the dog enjoying life with him and said that the dog was extremely happy to be with him as he was being loved.

Glomula ended up naming the dog as “Movie”.

What/Who Is Karen?

Karen is a slang term that is used all over the world to call women that are known to abuse people of color because of having a light skin. This term became popular in late 2019 and throughout this year after a group of “white” women in the USA were caught on cam harassing people of color and calling the police or authorities to report them without any reason.

What are your thoughts about the act that this Karen carried out?

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