Rare Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found In New Jersey

Researchers discover a rare 2-headed snake in New Jersey, a state in the United States, and nicknamed it as “Double Dave”.

Double Dave is a baby timber rattlesnake that was discovered by researchers from the Herpetological Associates Group, a group that studies endangered and threatened reptiles.

It was named after Dave Schneider and his colleague, whose name is also Dave, discovered the rattlesnake.

The venomous pit viper is 10 inches long and has 2 fully formed heads.

This means it has 4 working eyes and 2 flickering tongues.

Dave Schneider, an environmentalist, said the 2 heads on the snake work independently, this makes it difficult for a creature like this to survive in the wild.

Their unique condition slows their moving, which makes them an easy target by prey roaming around in the wild.

Usually, snakes with this rare condition are known to fight with each other over food, not realizing that whatever they eat heads out inside them.

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Polycephaly, the condition that has more than one head, happens when an embryo that has begun to split into identical twins stops before it divides properly.

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