Rescuers Climb Down 30-Foot Deep Sinkhole To Rescue Starving And Extremely Dehydrated Dog

A group of cyclists that were traveling down a trail in North Carolina ended up reporting a dog that accidentally got trapped in a 30-foot deep sinkhole.

The good thing about this is that rescuers risked their lives to save the poor dog and it was a success.

According to a post that was made by the Burke County Search and Rescue, the bikers spotted the dog on Sunday last week when they were traveling through the Sinkhole Trail at Pisgah National Forest.

*** ANIMAL RESCUE *** This afternoon Burke Rescue was requested to assist with a dog trapped at the bottom of a sinkhole…

Posted by Burke County Search And Rescue on Sunday, 20 September 2020

The forest is located 50 miles away from Asheville.

It is believed that the dog might have been stuck there for at least 3 days, given the condition it was in when the dog got rescued.

A post that was made on Facebook about the rescue said:

Rescuers and Burke County Animal Enforcement hiked a mile and a half to reach the dog’s location. One rescuer repelled into the sinkhole, made contact and was able to win the dog over with beef jerky.

The dog was given snacks before it was rescued so it could calm down.

The canine was rushed to the Burke County Animal Services for an examination and was found to be suffering from starvation and dehydration.

Authorities named the dog as Sinker.

Sinker has no collar and microchip, which can indicate that he is a stray dog.

Sinker will be placed for adoption if no one comes forward to claim that he is their dog.

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