Royal Spanish Bullfighter Is “Gravely Ill” After Bull Gored Him In Groin For The Second Time

A 27-year-old royal Spanish bullfighter is currently ill after being gored in the groin for the second time.

19-year-old Victoria Federica, the niece of the King of Spain, was watching from the sidelines as the bull punctured a vital vein in her partner.

The incident reportedly happened during a tournament in Las Ventas, Madrid, during the Hispanic Day.

The injury of Matador Gonzalo Caballero was lowered down due to the national celebrations.

The 27-year-old matador was rushed out of the bullring as he was holding his crotch with hopes of stopping the blood to come out.

He was rushed to an infirmary, where he went through emergency surgery.

He was then brought to a medical center for further treatment.

During the fight, the matador caught the bull with a long sword gash on the back of its neck, and in retaliation, the bull charged towards the matador, striking him in the leg.

The charge sent the matador barreling into the air and falling to the ground.

When Caballero was lying on the floor, the angry bull charged again. This is when his vein was cut, which is located in the thigh.

The audience had to watch in horror as blood was dripping from the injured matador while he was being carried out of the ring.

Even with pressure, his wound was releasing blood and it was dripping on the sand.

This is the second time Caballero has been injured.

The crowd that was at the stadium that Caballero should be rewarded with the ear of the bull.

According to reports, another Caballero performed the deed for him and it was delivered to him while he was in the bullring infirmary.

As per reports, 533 bullfighters have been killed in Spain since 1700. In 2013 alone, 31 matadors were brutally gored.

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