Russian Dairy Farm Uses VR Goggles To Increase Milk Quality And Quantity

A dairy farm near Moscow, Russia, is now using VR goggles in order to increase the quantity and quality of their milk.

The goggles were tried on cows as an experiment.

The experimental tactic was published by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow.

Images showed cows wearing fitted goggles that were created to account for their various head shapes.

The goggles were perfectly fitted so they could cover their entire eyesight.

Studies show that environmental conditions can impact the milk production of cows.

The findings of the study led to a team of developers that listed the help of veterinarians and dairy production consultants to create cow VR glasses.

In the study, a pair of VR goggles are placed on the eyes of the cows. After that, the cows are transported to a wild, expansive, field under the sun.

The setting will help relax the cows, which will boost the supplies of milk.

Further studies are going to be made to find out if VR glasses can help improve the quantity and quality of milk produced by cows.

The press release did mention that cows showed a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the emotional mood of the herd.

The actual impact on milk production has yet to be fully revealed.

The press released said, “The developers intend to scale the project and modernize the domestic sphere of dairy production.”

One thing is for sure, cows wearing VR goggles look amazing and futuristic.

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