Swarm Of Deadly 40,000 Africanized Bees Attack Police After They Responded To Report Of Bee Sting

40,000 Africanized Bees reportedly attacked officers that were responding to a bee sting in Pasadena on Thursday afternoon.

According to reports, the incident happened at the Hampton Inn in Pasadena on February 20, 2020.

The bees attacked firefighters and the police officers that arrived after a single sting report.

Lisa Derderian, the Public Information Officer of the Pasadena Fire Department, released a statement about the incident.

The statement said, “I’ve been with the fire department 18 years now and responded to several bee incidents. But never to this magnitude.”

As a result of the 40,000 bees attacking the responders, 7 people were stung and 2 people were rushed to the hospital.

However, the first firefighter that arrived on the scene was the one that got the most stings.

The first firefighter had 17 stings when he arrived.

The authorities later realized that the bees had covered the entire block.

The statement that Derderian released added, “Somebody could have had an allergic reaction and it could have been serious and or fatal.”

To remove the beehive, a professional beekeeper and firefighters had to use a ladder to remove it from the roof of the 4-story building.

The firefighters and professional beekeepers sprayed the bees with Co2 and foam extinguishers before the beekeeper removed the hive.

The police said a number of bees were killed in the incident.

The remaining bees left the area when the sun went down.

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