Sydney Zoo Animals Play With Pumpkins Filled With Surprises To Celebrate Halloween

Adorable animals that are residing at the New Sydney Zoo were given pumpkins so they could celebrate the spookiest day of the year, the Halloween.

4 lion brothers, a mob of meerkats, a wombat, an elephant, and a troop of baby baboons were invited to a party at the Western Sydney.

Hey, that’s not allowed, we are supposed to practice social distancing.

Jokes aside, zookeepers of the Sydney Zoo carved out terrifying pumpkin heads.

They then filled them with an array of animal treats that include insects, meats, seasonal fruit, along with some veggies.

Curator of Carnivores David French released a statement about the party, where they said:

Items like treat-filled pumpkins are part of Sydney Zoo’s enrichment program, which helps animals stay active and mentally stimulated.

A mob of meerkats were a little skeptical at first, but they started to scoff down the insect-laden carvings as part of their Halloween breakfast.

Some of the zoo’s more ferocious residents, the lion brothers, were really fast in playing and eating with the pumpkins as they were filled up with raw meat.

Ahh, fresh meat.

But out of them all, the elephant had a different approach.

Saigon, the elephant, took to stomping on the Halloween pumpkins and swatted them with the help of his trunk.

The then went on to eat up the mashed up vegetables.

Looks like Saigon wants his food mashed.

The troop of baboons had to examine the pumpkin before they opened them up and ate them as a treat.

Michael Mackenzie, Woolworths General Manager for New South Wales and the ACT, said that the food that was inside the pumpkins along with the pumpkins were donated to the zoo by Woolworths.

Such a good thing to do!

A statement that was released by Mackenzie said:

Woolworths support Sydney Zoo’s animals by supplying surplus fresh food from local stores, and we are delighted to provide these pumpkins as a special Halloween treat for our furry friends.

What are your thoughts about the little party that the animals in the zoo had? Let us know what you think about them by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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