This Great Dane Looks Like Batman And People Are Obsessed With Him

A Great Dane is currently viral on social media right now and the sole reason for their fame is the fact that they look like batman.

Enzo, the dog, has tall and pointy ears along with a black body color, which makes him look exactly like Batman.

The dog is so huge that they are around 150 pounds heavy.

Danny Lemay, the dad of Enzo, was interviewed by The Dodo and they said that the dog is really amazing.

They added:

He is very muscular for a Dane and his fur is very shiny. His pointy ears make him look like Batman.

Enzo is brave and active, says Danny, which makes him exactly like Batman.

Another thing about the dog is that they love to protect the family house, which is located in Quebec, Canada.

During the same interview, Danny talked about Enzo and the breed.

They added:

Most of the time, Great Danes are known as fearful dogs. They don’t like the cold and are afraid of many things. Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house.

Enzo might look like one scary dog, but in reality, they just want to be loved and they do everything to make people love them.

Danny said that the dog just wants to make friends with every person and animal that they meet.

According to the owner, the Enzo just wants to be cuddled with and play all day long.

Thanks to the Batman look that Enzo naturally has, people in the area love to see him.

Danny says the dog is like a local celebrity.

Talking about the fame the dog has, Danny said:

People stop us every time we walk him to cuddle and look at him or take pictures. Touristy spots should be avoided if you don’t want to deal with his popularity!

What are your thoughts about Enzo and his amazing looks? Let us know what you think about the dog by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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