“World’s Biggest Burmese Python” Lives With A Family In An Apartment

31-year-old Marcus Hobbs bought an 8-inch snake, which is now over 18 feet long and is now the world’s biggest Burmese Python.

Dad owns the world’s biggest Burmese python measuring over 18 feet long

This dad bought an eight-inch snake and it grew over 18 feet long 🐍😱

Posted by In The Know Daily on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Hexxie, the Burmese Python, is now over 18ft long and is now at 110 kilograms.

Hobbs bought the snake from a pet shop 8-years-ago.

Hobbs said his snake eats stillborn deer, rabbits, goats, calves, and pigs that are supplied by local Famers.

The snake is still continuously growing.

Hobbs said the animal is really expensive to keep and is also life-threatening if it gets mishandled.

Burmese Pythons are known to be capable of squeezing humans to death in minutes and are also capable of swallowing them as a whole.

Marcus, who works as an IT guy, said Hexxie is not dangerous.

Hobbs says has to be really careful with the snake when his sons 4 and 1 are nearby.

Another thing that is hard to manage is the poo that Hexxie makes once per month. Hobbs said Hexxie’s poo is large enough to fill a bin bag.

Experts said the biggest Burmese python is around 18 feet 8 inches long.

But Hobbs believes Hexxie is bigger and longer.

Marcus Hoobs, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, said, “I knew she would be big but she has shocked everybody by how much she has grown.”

He added, “I am very passionate about snakes and I try to help people understand them. I think people are so scared of them because they think they are going to kill them, but if people come around I can talk to them all day long about snakes to reassure them.”

He continued, “I’m friendly with a reptile specialist, and when I first got in contact with him to try and get some piglets for food he said: ‘What have you got?’ When I sent him a picture he said she was the biggest Burmese python he had ever seen, and he’s seen them in the wild. He said: ‘You have got to measure her for the world record’. I measured her and she wasn’t quite there yet but she’s grown a lot since then.”

He went on, “She could be there now. There is a possibility she’s already a record-breaker, but finding out is not that easy.”

Hobbs said Hexxie had never attacked him, but she once almost attacked him when he was applying iodine to her skin.

He said Hexxie starts to let out a loud hissing noise and a foul smell when she is stressed and happy. Snakes usually do this when they’re stressed.

Marcus said he had his first snake when he was 13-years-old.

Hexxie lives with Hobbs and other smaller snakes inside an apartment.

Hobbs said, “When I was living on my own, years ago before I had children if there was a power cut, I would put them in the bed with me to keep them warm. I would wake up in the morning and they would still be there.”

31-year-old Amy, the partner of Hobbs, met at work and have been living together.

Amy accepts the love of Hobbs for reptiles.

Talking about the animals that she likes, Amy said, “I’m more your fluffy, cute, type of animal person.”

I’d be scared if is see an 18-foot long Burmese python roaming around my house.

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