Brave Australian girl picks up massive python and marches it back to ocean

A young Australian girl is making headlines all over the world for their brave act, where they were seen picking up a massive python and marching back to the ocean.

In the video the young girl was seen picking up the snake and carrying it to the waters of a beach.

The entire thing was caught on camera and it was shared with the public on social media.

Evie Hudson, a Graphic Designer, filmed the girl moving the python to the water at a beach on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The incident happened earlier this month, said Evie.

They uploaded the video on Tiktok, where it got over 3.3 million views.

They shared the video with the caption:

Just casually picking up a snake at the beach that’s Australia for ya.

In the video, you can see the girl walking down a sandbank to a lagoon, where she lets the snake go.

Beachgoers looked on the girl as she was doing it.

A man was also seen standing in the water as the snake made its way towards him.

It then swam across his legs.

Children were also seen swimming in the lagoon downstream.

It is not know if the snake was a pet to the girl, but many social media users believe it was because the snake was really calm with her.

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