World’s Loneliest Elephant From Pakistan Will Get New Home In Cambodia After 4000 Kilometer Move

The world’s loneliest elephant is currently packing up his trunk and is moving from Pakistan to Cambodia in order to get a new home.

The loneliest elephant will be getting some friends and possibly a new mate in the new country, which is 4000 kilometers away from Pakistan.

Kaavan, the elephant from Pakistan, was left malnourished and was living in distress at the Marghazar Zoo o Pakistan.

He lived at the zoo for 35 long years.

After years of living alone, the elephant is set to live a new life this Sunday in Cambodia.

Kaavan will be flying to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia, which is run by the Four Paws International animal Charity.

He will be living there with other animals.

Since the last 8 years, Kaavan has been living alone.

His mate passed away in 2012 after they contracted an infection, which turned gangrenous.

Dr. Amir Khalil, a vet that is working with 4 Paws, found that Kaavan was left with a broken heart after his partner passed away.

Dr. Khalil has been treating the wounds of Kaavan for the last 3 months and has been helping the elephant to get prepared for his new home.

Because Kaavan had experienced abuse and mistreatment for years, experts at Four Paws believe that the elephant will have to go through years of treatment in order to get properly rehabilitated.

The Marghazar Zoo was shut down in May this year after a number of mistreatment issues and regulatory problems were brought to light.

The good thing is that animals were saved and Kaavan will be getting a new home, friends, and potentially a partner to share the rest of his life with.

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