BLM Protester Shot In Head With Rubber Bullet Leaving Him With Gruesome Injury

A BLM protester was left in a pool of blood after cops reportedly shot at his head with a rubber bullet, which left him with a gruesome face injury.

In a video that was shared on social media, Donavan Labella, the 26-year-old man, could be seen holding a speaker before he got shot with a rubber bullet.

It was later confirmed on social media that Labella was hit in the head with a non-lethal rubber bullet on the night of Saturday outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The incident happened in Portland, Oregon, which is in the United States of America.

A video that was shared on social media shows Labella collapsed on the ground after getting hit in the head.

A crowd rushed to help him out.

A couple of seconds before the incident, Labella could be seen kicking what it seems to look like a smoke canister.

Protesters then started to shout towards the police officers as the injured man went down with a lot of blood.

After the incident, protesters carried LaBella away from the scene.

In a statement that was shared by Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, she said:

This reckless and aggressive behaviour has now put someone in the hospital. This protester is still fighting for their life and I want to be clear, this should never have happened. While I absolutely condemn the federal troops’ presence in Portland and demand they withdraw, I am not naive enough to think that their withdrawal alone will solve the issue.

The mother of Labella released a statement to Oregon Public Broadcasting and talked about his condition, where she said:

He was awake enough to give the OK to talk to me… He’s had some facial reconstruction surgery. They’re just watching him right now. In my opinion, the fault lies with the feds at the scene…needlessly firing into a general peaceful unarmed crowd and aiming for the head. No rounds of any kind should be shot at any unarmed person.

We hope LaBella has a fast recovery.

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