British Man Finds 82-Year-Old Message In A Bottle On The Beach

A man from the United Kingdom was walking his dog on a beach when he came across a massage that was placed in a bottle.

Upon opening the bottle, he realized that the message was written around 82 years ago.

Centre Point's Chairman Nigel Hill has made a very interesting find whilst walking his dog. The story goes as…

Posted by Centre Point Trust on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Nigel Hill, the man, said he was walking his dog on the beach in the Bel Royal Area on the English Channel Island Jersey when he found the glass bottle that had a message that dates back to September 5, 1938.

The message that Nigel found was signed by John Stapleford, who included an address in Hertfordshire, England.

John also asked the person who finds the bottle to get in touch with him.

Hill said he managed to get in touch with the current owner of the house that was listed in the address, but the people that were living there were not related to the former resident.

The people that are living in the current house do not know how to contact his family.

Hill said he thinks it is unlikely that Stapleford is still alive, but he would love to find the family of the man.

Hill said he would like to present the message to the family of John Stapleford.

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