Fidel Castro’s Crocodile Bites Man In His Mid-70s At Private Party

A crocodile that was once owned by Fidel Castro bites a man that is in his mid-70s at a private party that was held in Sweden.

Reports suggest that the part was being held at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mikael Pettersson, a police officer, said, “He had his arm on the wrong side of the security glass and was then bitten by one of the crocodiles.”

The man in his mid-70s was bitten by the Crocodile after he climbed up at a stage to make a speech.

The area where he climbed up to make a speech was part of the aquarium that was near to the enclosure of the crocodile.

The spokesperson of the Skansen Aquarium released a statement about the incident.

The spokesperson said, “He was stood with his back against the crocodiles with his arm stretched back over the protective barrier when the crocodile bit him.”

The spokesperson added that the incident was “tragic”, and when the spokesperson was asked about the injuries of the man, the spokesperson said, “The extent of the injury is currently unknown.”

The spokesperson added, “The incident is automatically reported to the police and the man has been taken to hospital.”

Officer Mikael Pettersson, said, “He was heavily bandaged when we arrived on the scene.”

There are 2 Cuban crocodiles living in the Skansen Aquarium.

Castro and Hillary arrived from the Moscow Zoo in 1981.

In the 1970s, Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, gave Hillary and Castro to Vladimir Shaltalov as a gift to show the good friendship relationship of the 2 communist nations.

Jonas Wahlstrom, the zookeeper who took care of Hillary and Castro, said, “[Shatalov] brought them back to Moscow and he had them in his flat until his wife said: ‘No more!’ And then he had to give them to the zoo in Moscow.”

The Moscow Zoo did not have any space left for Hillary and Castro, and they asked Jonas Wahlstrom to take the reptiles to Stockholm.

Hillary and Castro, the 2 crocodiles, had 11 children since they arrived at the Aquarium in Stockholm.

Since the crocodile attack at Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm, the police and the aquarium have launched an investigation.

The spokesperson of the Aquarium said, “Our thoughts are with the man and his family, who are affected by this very tragic accident.”

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