Multi-Million Dollar Mistake: Woman Trying To Withdraw Stimulus Check Finds $8.5 Million In Her Account

A woman from Florida was shocked to find $8.5 million USD in her account when she was trying to withdraw her stimulus check.

Diana Lagulli, a retired woman, said she discovered an unexpected balance of $8.5 million as she tried to withdraw some cash.

Lagulli went to take out cash at a Wawa in Sanford, Florida, following the deposit of her stimulus payment.

After making the discovery, Lagullu checked it out with her bank.

The bank told her that the massive payday had been a malfunction.

12 hours after finding out she became a millionaire, Lagulli received an alert on her phone that her balance was lowered.

Even though she was no longer a millionaire, Lagulli decided to take the incident as an inspiration.

She used some of her stimulus check to buy groceries for a nurse at a Walmart.

Lagulli said:

“It made me very happy to do that even though I don’t have $8 million. You should have seen her face.”

The last part made Lagulli such an amazing person and an inspiration to many people reading this blog.

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