Pakistani Minister Threatens India With Nuclear Attack And Says Only Muslims Will Survive In Last “Bloody War”

With what’s going on right now in the world, the last thing that could happen anything right now can be nuclear attacks or the aliens pulling up and surprising the heck of everything.

Well, it looks like one of them can come true, not the aliens tho, but instead, the nuclear war.

A minister from Pakistan has threatened India with a nuclear attack, where he says will be the last bloody war.

Sheikh Rashi, the Minister from Pakistan, said that only Muslims will survive that bloody Nuclear war.

Rashid made the threat of nuclear war and claimed that Pakistan has very precise weapons that are small and perfect.

He also said that their weapons are capable of targeting specific regions.

Federal Minister Rashi said that Pakistan will have no option in a conventional war, and if something does happen, it will be the end.

During an interview with a news media channel in Pakistan, Minister Rashi said:

If Pakistan gets attacked by India, there is no scope for conventional war. This will be a bloody and nuclear war. It will be a nuclear war for sure. We have very calculated weapons which are small and perfect. Our weapons will save Muslim lives and will only target certain regions. Pakistan’s range now even includes Assam. Pakistan has no option in conventional war; therefore India knows if something happens, it will be the end.

Minister Rashi is known for making such remarks and has sent out warnings in the past.

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