“Smothered Them While Singing”: 22-Year-Old Mother Kills Her 3 Kids Inside Phoenix Home

A 22-year-old mother is currently facing 3 counts of the first-degree mother after authorities found out she killed her 3 kids inside their house in Phoenix.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday night.

Rachel Henry, the 22-year-old mother, admitted to smothering all 3 of her kids one by one while she sang to some of them as she covered their mouths and noses.

According to the police, Henry admitted that she killed her 3-year-old son, her 1-year-old daughter, and a 7-month-old daughter.

The 3 kids were found dead inside the house of the family near 24th street and southern avenue on the evening of Monday.

The police report said, “Rachel admitted to smothering each child, starting with the one-year-old.”

The report recounted how Henry smothered all the 3 children one by one before lining up their bodies.

A family member told the police that they last saw the children alive at the house in Phoenix on Monday.

Henry, who lived with the 30-year-old father of the kids and their 49-year-old aunt, told her family members that she would put the children down for a nap.

The incident happened when the father and the aunt of the kids were out.

Henry told the police that she smothered her 1-year-old daughter first. The 22-year-old wrestled with the child before placing her hand over the mouth of the child.

The 3-year-old son of Henry reportedly yelled at his mother, hoping that she would stop her horrible act. The son also punched her in the face.

Henry continued to smother the baby until she stopped breathing and left the body in the back bedroom.

A police investigator from Phoenix said, “Rachel knew she killed the 1-year-old female when she stopped kicking.”

Henry then chased her 3-year-old son to kill him, but she stopped when her aunt and the father of the 3 children came back home.

One of the family members played with one of the 2 children for a bit before the 22-year-old mother took the older boy into a back bedroom to change his underpants.

She later placed her son on the floor, straddled him with her legs and proceeded to smother him using her weight. She killed the boy by using her weight and by covering his mouth and nose with her hands.

The police report said, “Rachel described singing to the 3-year-old as he scratched her chest and pinched her.”

Henry later fed the 7-month-old baby girl with a bottle in her bedroom until she fell asleep. The 22-year-old started to sing a song and smothered the child with her hand.

The 2 killings were done when the father of the kids and the aunt were in the next room.

Henry placed the 3 kids on the living room floor in a way that it looked like they were taking a nap.

She didn’t tell the father of the kids or the aunt about what she did.

According to the police, a female called 911 to report the death of the 3 children at around 7:20 pm.

It is still not clear if it was Henry or the aunt that called the police.

Henry and the father of the children were detained and were transported to the Phoenix Police Station to be interviewed.

During the interview, Henry admitted that she killed the children.

The family members of Henry said the 22-year-old has a history of methamphetamine addiction.

The 22-year-old was reportedly acting a bit strange for the past couple of days.

According to court documents, Henry was not under the influence of drugs when she killed her 3 kids.

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