Taliban Beats Teenagers For Wearing Jeans, Trashes Reporter And Warns Women To Not Get Their Nails Painted

Horrifying reports are coming out of Afghanistan right now.

A report that was recently published revealed that women in Afghanistan are getting their fingers cut because they are using nail varnish.

Not only that, but the report also claimed that a group of youngsters were flogged by the militants for wearing jeans.

This comes after the Taliban has successfully taken over the entire country.

The recently shared reports suggests that the Taliban are currently engaging in a brutal crack down on their own people despite the fact that the militant group said that they are now peaceful.

In a post on Facebook that was reported on by the Telegraph, one teenager in Afghanistan claimed that they and a group of friends were beaten in the streets for wearing t-shirts and jeans.

The teenagers said they were walking with friends in Kabul when Taliban soldiers beat them up as they were being accused of disrespecting Islam.

The teenager also said that 2 of their friends escaped the scene, however the others, the ones that got left behind, were beaten, whipped and threatened.

The thing is, the brutality brought by the group does not stop there.

A recent report suggested that a journalist was beaten for not wearing Afghan Clothes.

The reporter, who was not named was a reporter from Etilaatroz, an Afghan newspaper company.

They were the ones that reported the news.

After carrying out the attack, the Taliban told the publication that they were still deciding upon the dress code for men.

In another report, the Sun said that women are at risk of getting their fingers chopped off if the Taliban catches them wearing nail paints.

This news comes from Kandahar, a city that is located in the south part of the country.

The thing with this is that this brutality comes despite the reassurances that they are committed to bring freedom in the country.

The Taliban members recently said that they are committed to the rights of women and they are going to allow a bunch of things as long as they are in the parameters of the Islamic law.

What is the Sharia Law?

Sharia, Islamic law, or Sharia law is a religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the hadith.

Sharia simply refers to laws that are deprived from Islam and are usually present in Islamic countries.

Women under the Sharia Law

Under these laws, women have very little freedom.

Women are not allowed to go out of their houses with having a male with them, they are not allowed to wear normal clothes, they do not get proper education and they are barred from meeting other women without the permission of their husband.

During the last rule of the Taliban, women were brutally killed for small things.

Those small things include wearing tight clothes.

Not only that, but in case you run away from an arranged marriage, you could be brutally punished.

In one case, a young girl reportedly had her nose and ears cut off and was left to die alone because she did not want to get married.

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