Taliban Fighters Stop 140 Hindus And Sikh Afghans From Going To The Kabul Airport

Militants are stopping people from getting out the country.

According to an official report, the Taliban fighters have stopped around 140 Hindus and Sikh Afghans from going to the Kabul Airport.

The news was announced by Puneet Singh, the President of the Indian World Forum.

Singh has been coordinating the evacuation with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The stoppage ended up forcing a delay in the departure of a Special Indian Air Force Aircraft, which has been waiting at the airport since Wednesday this week.

According to the Indian World Forum, the Taliban turned back the passengers consisting 140 Hindus and Sikh Afghans away from the airport on the night of Wednesday this week.

The Hindu reported that nearly 200 Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan, including other citizens of the country, were scheduled to arrive in the Hindon airbase by Thursday morning.

The Taliban stopped the people from leaving the country and going to the airport.

This comes after the Taliban has urged Afghan nationals to stop leaving the country and instead work with them so they can build a better Afghanistan.

Official reports suggest that India have moved out a total of 565 stranded individuals from Afghanistan since the evacuation flights started in the country.

A total of 75 personnel of the Indian embassy, 263 other Indian nationals and 112 Afghan nationals, which includes Hindus and Sikhs.

A report by The Hindu said that multiple checkpoints by various armed militant groups, overflight clearances from different countries and delay in landing permissions are 3 of the major problems that are causing problems during the evacuation process.

Now, the Taliban are adding another problem for people that want to leave the country.

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