Taliban Members Are Going Door To Door For Child Brides

They never change.

The Taliban are currently going house to house with hopes of finding child brides and are reportedly subjecting women to rape gangs.

This comes despite the promise by the terrorist organization that they are going to allow women to work and they are going to protect their rights.

Not only that, but the terrorists also promised a peaceful transition of power and promised that there will be no revenge killings.

But those are just words.

Multiple people in the country have showed evidence and have reported that the members of the group are carrying out mass murders and are carrying out heinous human rights abuses.

Fariha Easer, a social campaigner, recently said that the members of the terrorist organization are currently seeking out women and girls over the age of 15.

Easer has fought for women’s rights in Afghanistan for her entire life and she said that her friend told her that the members of the terrorist group are seeking out young women and girls for marriage.

Hollie McKay, a reporter, wrote the entire news on Dallas Morning News.

In the report she said that militants arrived in the northern province of Badakhshan to find women and girls over the age of 15 for marriage.

During an interview with Hollie, Fariha said:

They were saying that they are the saviors, the guards of Islam, the liberators of the West. They asked one father to give over his daughters as wives. They said one of the Taliban is a mullah, and they must make an engagement for him. After the marriage, they took the young woman away. But the father found out after three days that it was not only the Taliban who married her and had sex with her, she was being raped by four others every night. The father went to the district governor and was told there was nothing he could do. Whatever could be done, he must do himself.

Luckily, the guy managed to escape the area with his daughters.

But the thing is, it does not stop there.

Millions of girls and women in Afghanistan are currently in danger considering that the Taliban are in power and they are imposing the Sharia law over everyone.

Fariha said that the group have not changed and they will never changed.

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