This Baby Faced Teacher Is Often Is Mistaken As A Student

Ian Francis Manga, a teacher in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, is often mistaken as a student in the school where he teaches at!

Ian teaches kids in Kindergarten and Grade 2, but he is usually mistaken as a student at the school where he teaches in Bulacan, Philippines.

Ian said he acts as an older brother to his students in the elementary school.

Ian explained, “I act like their older brother who plays a lot with them.”

He said this is an easy thing to do because he has a babyface.

Ian said he was often sick as he grew up, and believes that it may have caused a delay in his growth, especially his face.

When he was in high school, Ian said he didn’t have any signs of puberty.

Ian said he doesn’t have hair in his underarms or beard.

When asked if he went to the doctors to get his condition checked up, he simply said no.

Ian said he was never bullied for the way he looks like, he said no.

Ian said he was really friendly as he grew up and he was never generally bullied by his classmates.

When Ian became 22-years-old, he passed the licensure exam for teachers and soon began to teach.

Talking about how strict he is when he teaches his students, Ian said he is pretty strict.

Ian said he is kind to students most of the time, but he needs to become strict when the kids start to become noisy or when they become playful during class times.

Herminia Delos Santos, the school administrator of the Mater El-Rio School, said they hired Ian because he was the right person for it.

Herminia said Ian was loves children and has inspired a number of students in the school.

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