7-Year-Old Kid Orders Food Using App, Glitch Sends 42 Riders To Their House With The Same Food

A 7-year-old kid ordered food using an online application and a glitch that happened ended up sending 42 riders to their house with the same food.

The original order was for around 189 Philippine Pesos, but it ended up going for PHP 7,945 because of the glitch.

Imagine paying 42 times more because of an error.

The incident that we are talking about happened in the Philippines and it is viral on the internet right now.

I mean, why wouldn’t it be?

The little girl ordered for a single meal, but 42 riders showed up in front of her house and brought her the same food.

According to reports, the incident happened on November 25, 2020.

The girl ordered some chicken nuggets for herself and for her mother.

The little girl had to place the order herself as her parents were not home.

The parents of the girl left one smartphone at their house and the girl ordered lunch on the Foodpanda application.

The little girl had no idea that her single order would end up in a glitch.

The incident happened in the Cebu City of the Philippines.

After the order was placed by the kid, a narrow street in Barangay Mabolo, where the girl lives, around 42 bike riders with Foodpanda packages came.

Minutes after the order was placed, the riders started to come.

Dann Kayne Suarez, who is from the same area, went live on Facebook after the incident happened.

Dan shared the news on Facebook with the caption:

About 42 orders made by a child on an app of a food delivery service online. The child tried to order 2 boxes of chicken fillet with fries for her lunch with her grandma. The child is known to have made orders successfully and was trusted to do so anytime. However, this day (November 25), due to slow internet connection, her order went error. Owing to that error, she continuously made an order as she wanted to successfully make one. Unfortunately and unknowingly, those errored orders went through, resulting to multiple drivers coming to their residence one by one,accumulating 30+ riders. Some riders didn’t come as they would probably have canceled as they noticed this suspicious transaction. The child cried as she did not plan this to happen. All of us, neighbors of Our Lady Of Remedy, Mabolo, Cebu City, helped to solve this by buying those items. I even put it on live which helped me find more buyers. However, some riders were on a hurry for their next booking, leaving the place without being paid and bringing the unsold items.

Dann explained that the order was placed 42 times because of an unfortunate glitch.

It was later reported that the girl repeatedly tapped the application when the app was not functioning properly.

It was not revealed what happened to the meal after it was delivered.

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