Trophy Hunter On A Trip Almost Killed By 11-Foot Gator He Was Trying To Kill

Justin Perchalski, a hunter, almost lost his hand when he was snagging an 11-foot gator, that attacked him.

Justin thought he had a catch of his life when he managed to snag an 11-foot alligator, but things did not turn out well.

Out of a sudden, the gator came out of the water and tore into his right arm. The attack was so strong that Justin almost lost his hand.

The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission) said Justin was on a hunting trip in Three Forks Marsh, located near Palm Bay when the gator attacked him.

Justin got lucky to survive the gator attack and managed to get away with his hand still intact with his arm.

Justin is now recovering from the injuries he sustained from the attack at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The family of the gator attack survivor says Justin is now walking around and is using his hand again.

Ryan Pechalski, the brother of Justin, said, “I don’t think he’ll be doing alligator hunting much anymore. The bones are turned to mush, obviously, with an 11-foot alligator.”

Luckily, Justin had three other men with him when he was attacked by the Gator.

Ryan said the three men helped Justin stay on the boat.

Ryan added, “Justin reached over the side of the boat to pull on the line, to bring the gator up, when the gator came out of the water, grabbing his right hand. The alligator made it about a turn-and-a-half with his hand in his mouth before he let go, which is kind of crazy, because typically they don’t let go.”

Talking about the injuries of Justin, his brother Ryan said, “One of his radial bones in his forearm is gone. It’s just a freak accident. You do it long enough, something like this is bound to happen.”

When the attack happened, Justin took off his belt and used it as a tourniquet.

Justin even drove the back to the dock because the 3 other men that were with him did not know the area.

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