Trophy Hunters Are Now Allowed To Kill Nearly Twice As Many Black Rhinos In South Africa

Trophy Hunters in South Africa are now allowed to kill nearly twice as many black south African rhinos after the country won permission to sell more shooting rights.

The EU was one of the supporters of the plan that said to increase the hunting of the species.

The Black South African Rhinos are currently listed in the critically endangered species.

If the killing continues, they can become extinct in the wild in the near future.

It is reported that 9 black South African rhinos could be targeted per year after the approval was passed at the Wildlife Trade in Geneva.

Poaching for the illegal trade in rhino horn almost made the species to go extinct from 1960 and 1995, where 98 percent of the rhinos were killed.

There are only around 1900 left in the South African wilderness right now.

There are over 5,495 black South African rhinos in the world.

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The decision that was made states that only adult males are going to be targeted, and females will be protected so they can breed.

The decision also mentioned that the money that is going to be raised from the hunters is going to support their conservation plan.

Botswana, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, EU, and Canada have supported the move.

Will Travers, the president of  Born Free, a conservation charity, said,  “In addition to the devastating impact this will have on the targeted animals, and the potential disruption it could cause to rhino sex ratios over time, the new quota could also undermine the principle of achieving an underlying population growth rate target of at least 5 per cent a year, as set out in the African Rhino Conservation Plan.”

He added, “We challenge the paper-thin claims by proponents of trophy-hunting – including the hunting of highly endangered species such as black rhino – that it delivers significant conservation and community benefits.”

The ones who supported the decision said that the rhinos that are going to be killed are going to be older.

As of now, Black Rhinos are classed on the IUCN as critically endangered.

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