US Surgeons Use Man’s Toe To Replace His Thumb After He Lost It In An Work Accident

Aiden Adkins, a man from the United States, accidentally sawed his thumb as he was working and got it replaced with one of his toes in an unlikely replacement.

Adkins, who lives in Carson City in Michigan, was chopping in his garage earlier this year when he saw a piece of a wood chip off and fly across the room.

But he did not know that it was his own thumb.

Adkins was rushed to a local hospital, where doctors said they only had a number of hours to reattach his thumb.

The big problem with this was that the family of Adkins could not find the thumb inside the garage.

The doctors told the family they only had 4 hours to reattach the thumb back to his hand, but the family failed to find it.

The surgeons were forced to sew up his gaping wound without the thumb.

Luckily, the doctors came up with a great idea and asked Adkins to live without a thumb or have one of his toes sewn on it instead.

The doctors gave Adkins enough time to think about it.

After months of thinking, Adkins had to choose from missing one thumb or one toe.

For many who did not know, the thumb is the most important part of our hands as it accounts for nearly 50 percent of our hand functions.

Adkins went to go with the plan that the doctors offered to him.

The procedure takes a team of 4 experienced surgeons and around half a day to produce a viable thoe.

According to reports, Adkins underwent the operation on August 20, 2019, at the University of Michigan Hospital.

The surgery removed his left index toe and used it to reconstruct the thumb.

Adkins got the casts removed from his foot and hand.

1 week after the surgery, Adkins was amazed by the surgery’s result and even went on to post it on social media.

In a post he made on social media, Adkins said, “I can finally give a thumbs up again!! Doctors are loving how it looks!!”

Kelly Nye, an occupational therapist at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital’s Hand Therapy Program, said the story of Adkins is a success story.

Nye said, “His thumb does bend and straighten pretty well.”

Nye added, “That’s the most motion I’ve ever seen out of a toe-to-thumb transfer.”

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