Missing Dog Is Reunited With Owners After 3 Years Thanks To Microchip On Collar 

Technology is winning, and some people love it!

A family from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, got reunited with their dog after waiting 3 years thanks to a microchip that was inside the pooch.

The family said they had given up on finding their black Labrador after she disappeared during a trip in suburban Chicago 3 years ago.

The family said they had no expectations of being reunited with the dog because they searched everyone and the dog was never found.

Little did they know that they will be reunited with their dog during this year, which is filled with pain and suffering.

Lola, the dog, wandered away while they were not home.

Debra Majeur and her husband, the owners of Lola, were visiting the Elk Grove Village in October 2017 when the dog got lost.

After 3 years, the dog was spotted and caught by a couple in Glendale Heights.

Lola was reunited with Debra and her husband thanks to the chip that the pooch had.

Debra and her husband posted notices all over the area and made missing appeals on social media with hopes of finding the dog.

The couple received help from volunteers and hired a professional searcher, however, the dog was still not found.

Luckily, everything changed this year.

The country authorities at DuPage got a call from a couple in Glendale Heights who said that they had spotted a dog that was matching the description of one that was missing.

The couple said that they spotted Lola in the past few years entering the forest preserve.

The owners were found thanks to a microchip that was attached to the collar that Lola was wearing.

Talking about Lola, Debra said that she still had hope, but they thought the dog had moved on.

She added:

I still had an ounce of hope, I guess, but the majority of me was thinking she had already crossed the rainbow bridge. I was just completely stunned.

The dog was in a good condition, said reports.

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