Woman Who Coughed In Police Officer’s Face Gets Jailed For 12 Weeks

A 35-year-old  woman, who coughed in a police officer’s face, has been sentenced to spend 12 weeks in jail for the horrible act.

Joanne Turner, the 35-year-old woman, became abusive after police officers confronted her after she damaged a parked car.

The woman claimed that she had the coronavirus after coughing in the police officer’s face.

The 35-year-old woman became abusive when police officers spoke to her after she had kicked and damaged a car parked outside Norwich Train Station.

According to reports, the incident happened at around 11 pm on Wednesday.

At the Norwich Magistrates Court, the woman admitted that she assaulted an emergency worker.

She also admitted that she was drunk when the incident happened.

Turner confessed carrying out disorderly conduct in a public place and criminal damage.

The police said that Turner had been jailed for 12 weeks for her acts.

Superintendent Dave Marshall, said: “Any abuse and threatening behaviour towards the emergency services is unacceptable at any time.”

SP Marshall added, “However, this sentence reflects the seriousness of threats and acts of coughing to put others in fear of contracting Covid-19.”

SP Marshall continued, “This should act as a clear warning that there will be serious consequences for anyone who behaves in such a threatening way towards others during this pandemic.”

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