3 Fruit Pickers Rape 19-Year-Old Woman In An Alley And On The Beach After Meeting Her On A Drunken Night Out

3 fruit pickers from Romania raped a 19-year-old woman in an alleyway and on a beach after they met her on a drunken night out.

The incident reportedly happened in the early hours of March 9, 2019, in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

23-year-old Madalin-Daniel Nitu, 27-year-old Gengiz Iasear, and 25-year-old Ionel-Mizel Ciocan are currently facing rape charges for raping the 19-year-old woman.

The 3 men reportedly met the 19-year-old woman at a nightclub.

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Rebecca Austin, prosecuting, told the Portsmouth Crown Court that the 19-year-old victim started her night with playing drinking games at her house with her friends.

Rebecca Austin said that the victim also took cocaine and cannabis on the night of the incident.

Ms. Austin said she could not remember much of what happened, and by the end of the night, she was more than 2 and a half times the drink-drive limit.

The victim and her friends went on to the Sheiks nightclub on the pier at Bognor Regis.

In the nightclub, the victim met 25-year-old Ciocan, who she kissed and danced with later on.

The victim then became unsteady and started to lose balance, but 25-year-old Ciocan showed “predatory patterns”.

The prosecutor said Ciocan refused to leave the 19-year-old woman alone even after a request was made by the friend of the victim.

Prosecutor Austin said the victim was “unable to stand, swaying, very drunk and paralytic” when she got separated from her friends.

Later that night, the victim was brought to an alleyway by Ciocan and Iasear, and was raped orally by the 2.

Prosecutor Austin said the victim was “in absolutely no fit state to consent” when the incident happened.

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The prosecutor said, “The next thing she remembers is being on the beach and someone lying on top of her, she thinks she may have passed out at that stage.”

Iasear and Nitu are accused of orally raping the 19-year-old on the beach, and Iasear is charged with raping the 19-year-old on the beach assisted by the 2 other men.

The 3 men claim that the sexual activity was consensual.

A friend of the victim alerted the police after she saw her friend on the beach fighting with the 3 men.

The friend claims she saw her friend kicking one of the men.

The Prosecutor said the victim was in a “very emotional and distressed state” when the police arrived and when she narrated to the investigating officers.

The Prosecutor added, “She told him she had been raped both on the seafront and in an alleyway. She said the males had taken her to the beach who forcefully tried to remove her clothes.”

The trial is currently under process.

The 3 defendants are denying the charges that are placed against them.

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