6-Year-Old Girl Froze To Death With Arms Wrapped Around Body After Losing Her Glasses

A 6-year-old girl from Ukraine was found dead after she lost her eyeglasses and wandered miles away from her village.

According to local reports, the girl had her arms wrapped around the body when she was found dead.

The incident happened near the village of Sosnivka, which is located in Ukraine.

6-year-old Milena Sheveleva reportedly lost her glasses and wandered 5 miles away from her house after she got lost.

She was out with a young cousin on the evening of Sunday before they got into an argument.

He ran off and left her alone.

Milena ended up walking in the wrong direction and went further away from her village.

A police officer that is investigating the case said:

It quickly got dark and Milena apparently got lost. We think she saw the lights of the neighbouring village of Goptovka and headed towards them. As darkness fell, it turned cold and very windy and heavy rain started.

The young girl was wearing a thin jacket when she got lost.

According to the police, the jacket of the girl was soaking when she was found.

The girl was found frozen dead due to torrential rain and wind, which made the conditions feel below freezing.

She was reported missing by relatives at 7 pm and local authorities immediately launched a search with nearly 1000 people.

Sergey Ponomarenko, a volunteer, said:

We were looking for the girl all night. The weather was extremely cold.

Her dead body was found 1 mile away from Goptovka, Ukraine.

Valeriy Sokurenko, the head of the Kharkiv Region Police Department, said that the child walked nearly 8 kilometers after she got lost.

It is believed that the girl lost consciousness after becoming exhausted.

She was found lying face down on the ground.

Her body was found near a pond.

Officer Sokurenko added:

Her arms were wrapped around her body with fingers twisted from cold. The girl’s clothes were wet through. Experts discovered no marks of violence on her body. Examinations showed she froze through the night and died of hypothermia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the little girl.

May her soul rest in peace.

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