Hero Dog Rushes Back Inside Burning House To Save His Bestfriend, A Little Grey Kitten

Do you guys still remember that massive explosion that happened in Ukraine a couple of years ago? not the Chernobyl one, but this one happened in Donetsk, Ukraine, at a company known as the UkrOboronProm.

The explosion created a massive fire throughout the local city of Donetsk, Ukraine, which set a number of houses and establishments on fire.

It also filled the sky with orange and black smoke, which left hundreds of injured and a number of deaths.

Locals did survive and rush out from the city, but some stayed behind and helped out people that were in need.

Not only people, but animals too.

During this devastating time, a local man’s house got destroyed, but the good thing is that he managed to rush out his family to safety before anything bad could happen.

Despite keeping his family safe, the man forgot that they had a kitten, but that fact was not forgotten by their pet dog, who ended up going inside the burning house to rescue his best friend, a little grey kitten that was living with them.

As the dog ran inside, the man and his family just stood out in front of their burning house as they could not do anything.

The man just kept on calling the name of their dog, but no one answered.

A miracle happened after a couple of minutes as the dog emerged out from the flames.

The best thing was that the dog was not alone when he came out.

The mouth of the dog had the tiny grey kitten of the family.

The family said that they had totally forgotten about the kitten during the chaos and confusion while trying to make it out of their house, which was burning at that time.

The best thing about this story is that the dog did not forget about his little friend and was willing to risk it all to save his life.

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