British SAS Marksman Kills 5 Islamic State Fighters With Single Sniper Shot From 3,000ft Away

An SAS marksman managed to kill 5 Islamic State Fighters with a single sniper shot from 3000ft away.

According to reports, the British SAS Marksman used a Barrett .50 calibre rifle to shoot the jihadist target in the chest.

This caused the suicide vest to explode, which killed 4 other Islamic State fighters.

Amongst the 5 dead was a top Jihadist Commander, confirmed a report by Daily Star.

According to the paper that was released to the public, the shooting happened in Syria in the month of November during a kill or capture mission against the terrorist group.

The SAS were monitoring what they believed to be a suspected bomb making factory when the marksman, who has 20 years of experience in combat, saw the 5 people leave.

After establishing that they had a clean shot, the SAS team contacted radioed back to the base to get the all clear to pull out the trigger.

A source released a statement to Daily Star earlier this week, where they said:

The plan at that stage was to drop the suicide bomber with the first shot and then the leader if they felt they could identify him. But we got lucky. He waited for the target to drop but instead the guy exploded.

The source later added that the marksman was given a baseball cap with “Long Range Death” as a reward for his shot.

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