Caught On Cam: Shoplifter In Valenzuela Caught Wearing 9 Pairs Of Jeans At The Same Time

A shoplifter in Valenzuela was caught wearing 8 pairs of jeans at once along with her own jeans after she tried to walk out of a shop wearing them all together.

In the video that was shared, the woman could be seen stripping off the jeans one by one.

Venezolana robando pantalones

Posted by Raymundo Mendoza on Thursday, 14 November 2019

After the staff found out that she was stealing jeans, the shop forced her to remove the jeans one by one.

The video that was shared by Raymundo Mendoza has over 4.3 million views, over 14 thousand likes, over 5 thousand comments, and more than 126 thousand shares on Facebook, a social media platform.

The woman in the video was not identified and so was the exact location of the shop.

The video shows the unidentified woman wearing a red shirt along with 8 pair of jeans that she was about to steal.

The person who was capturing the video could be heard counting the number of jeans that she was wearing.

After removing 8 pairs of jeans, the woman flashes her underwear to prove that it was the last pair that she was wearing.

It is still unknown if the woman in the video was arrested or reported to the police for trying to steal 8 pairs of jeans from the store.

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