Woodpecker Fights With Massive 10ft Snake For 5 Minutes In Deadly Battle For Nest

In a video that is viral on social media right now, you could see a massive 10ft snake fighting with a woodpecker, who had a death wish as the 2 were battling for a nest.

The woodpecker fought with the snake because the bird was refusing to give up its nest to the snake.

The woodpecker could be seen striking at the snake multiple times and the snake could be seen striking at the bird back.

At one point, the snake, which is believed to be venomous, could be seen biting the bird.

According to reports, the fight lasted for around 5 minutes.

The bird took off and was killed by another predator in the area, said Assaf Admoni.

Admoni, a 38-year-old engineer in Israel, took the stunning footage while holidaying on the Yarapa River in Peru.

Talking about the incident, Assaf said:

We think the snake was looking for eggs or chicks and the woodpecker arrived to find it had moved in while she was away. It really looked like the female was acting frantically out of maternal instinct. She just kept racing up the tree and attacking the snake on its side. The snake wasn’t very happy about that. It kept lunging at her and it landed its strike every time.

The incident reportedly happened in 2009, but the video was recently shared again, so it went viral.

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