Charred To Death: Drunk Russian Grandparents Burn Crying 11-Month-Old Grandson To Death In Stove

A grandfather from Russia that burned his grandson to death in a stove has been sentenced to serve 15 years in jail.

The grandmother of the boy was handed 9 years in prison for the 11-month-old’s death.

The court heard that 11-month-old Maxim Sagalakov was crying and annoyed his drunk 43-year-old grandmother, which led her to suffocate the boy until he got silent.

48-year-old Alexander Miyagashev, the husband of Zhanna Miyagasheva, the grandmother, brought the boy and placed him in the burning stove.

The incident happened in Kharoy Village in the Khakassia region of Russia.

21-year-old Viktoria Sagalakova, the mother of the child, returned back to the home to find the charred remains of the child in the stove.

The autopsy of the boy said the child died from 100 percent burn injuries and exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Viktor Galimov, the judge that sentenced the couple, said, “The forensic expert explained that before being placed in the stove the child had a heartbeat.”

He added, “He was breathing, with a normal body temperature. That is, there were signs of life.”

The court also heard from the investigators that the grandfather of the deceased child once burned alive puppies and a cat.

In the court, the husband and the wife, who are the grandparents of the child, blamed each other for the horrible crime.

The grandmother of the deceased child said she was asleep when the incident happened.

She explained, “I was heavily asleep. How could I do this with my beloved grandson?”

She added, “People say “grandchildren are sweeter than children. The last time I saw him was alive and well …”

Alexander, the grandfather of the deceased, denied that he placed the baby in the stove and charred him to death.

He told the judge, “Your Honour, I did not kill. She killed. I smoked, went to sleep, then ent to the toilet. She told me: ‘I killed our grandson’.”

Evgeniy Borgoyakov, the neighbor of the grandparents, said that the grandfather of the baby turned mad from alcohol.

Evgeniy said, “We hear he pushed the baby into the wood-burning stove. That was it.”

Neighbors said that the couple often looked after the child and previously took good care of him.

The mother of the deceased child could not believe that her own parents killed her baby child in a horrific way.

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