Crowd Control Gun: China Develops Sonic Gun That Can Cause Internal Organs To Vibrate Painfully

China has successfully developed the world’s first hand-held sonic gun that can hit a huge crowd, which will cause painful vibrations in their internal organs such as eyeballs and eardrums.

The sonic gun was developed by the military and the law enforcement of China.

The sonic gun for crowd control uses low-frequency sounds that cause a “biological effect” on the body.

Studies showed that deeper noises are capable to cause dizziness, bowel spasms, organ damage, heart attacks, and vomiting.

The sonic gun will be mounted on military or law enforcement vehicles and will be powered by gas.

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once the gas gets heated, it will emit a deep and monotonous sound.

The project originally started in 2017, and recently, it was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology for mass production.

Xie Xiujuan, a professor who led the project, said, “The panel suggested that the fruit of the project should be transformed into practical equipment as soon as possible.”

The government of China did not reveal when the weapon will be used by law enforcement officers or the soldiers.

Many believe that the guns could be used on anti-government protests in Hong-Kong.

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