Diet Coke? McDonald’s Manager Arrested For Selling Cocaine With Fries And Burgers

A manager of a McDonald’s branch in New York was arrested by the authorities for selling cocaine with fries and burgers to customers.

The manager was busted by the undercover police.

26-year-old Frank Guerrero, a night shift manager, sold cocaine to buyers who ordered through the drive-through window during his overnight shift.

Undercover police officers discovered this on 2 different occasions.

The manager would put the cocaine into a cookie bag and place them inside a larger McDonald’s order containing burgers and fries, said the prosecutors of the case.

The manager reportedly sold undercover cop drugs worth $10,900.

The McDonald’s drive-through is located in Bronx, New York.

It was said in court that Guerrero mage 8 sales of cocaine to an undercover police officer in larger to larger quantities.

The police were investigating Guerrero for 3 months at the branch, where he was working at for 8 years.

It was also said in court that the manager would give special treatment to people that would buy drugs from him.

The manager would open the front door and would invite them into the restaurant.

At the house of Guerrero, authorities found 200 grams of Cocaine and $5,300 in cash.

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