Firms In Japan Are Telling Female Employees To Remove “Glasses” While Working, Sparks Huge Backlash

Backlash has sparked in Japan after firms in the country are telling their female employees to remove their glasses while their working.

Local news agencies in Japan claim that some companies have reportedly “banned” glasses for females.

Retail chains are one of the companies in Japan have banned glasses.

The new ban has sparked a heated discussion amongst internet users in Japan.

It is still not clear if the bans were based on company policies or was a practice that should be followed in workplaces.

#glassesareforbidden is now popular in Japan and social media platforms.

Kumiko Nemoto, a professor of sociology at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies said these things are outdated.

The professor said, “The reasons why women are not supposed to wear glasses… really don’t make sense. It’s all about gender. It’s pretty discriminatory.”

The new bans reflect on old traditional Japanese thinking.”

Professor Nemoto added, “It’s not about how women do their work. The company… values the women’s appearance as being feminine and that’s opposite to someone who wears glasses.”

This is not the only problem Japan is facing.

Earlier, Japan had a lot of discussions about women wearing high heels to work.

A petition was launched in Japan to call for an end in dress codes in Japan.

Supporters of the petition are now taking the issue on social media and are tweeting #KuToo, which is similar with #MeeToo, a sexual abuse movement.

The hashtag plays on the Japanese words for Kutsu, which means shoes, and Kutsuu, which means pain.

In Japan, wearing high heels is obligatory when a woman or a girl is applying for a job.

The Minister of Japan made everything looks worst after saying it is necessary for companies to enforce dress codes.

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