Florida Man Shoots Mother To Death In Argument Over Car And Orange Juice

A 29-year-old man from Florida, USA, told the police that he just “lost it” when he shot his mother to death over an argument about orange juice and a car.

The incident happened in North Miami Beach.

On Sunday afternoon this week, Luis Martin Pages, the 29-year-old man, called the authorities to admit that he killed his own mother.

Pages told the police that he and his mother got into an argument after he asked to borrow her vehicle for a job.

The mother told him no because it was Labor Day and that everything was closed. He then grabbed a jar of orange juice out of their refrigerator, but his mother came to him, took the juice from him, and threw it out.

This led to more argument and at one point, Pages pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot his mother.

The told the police that he had no idea on how many bullets he shot at her, he did admit that he shot all the bullets that he had in his gun.

He told the police that he usually has 6 bullets in his gun all the time.

After the incident, Pages tried to shoot himself so he could commit suicide, however, the gun was empty.

He called the police and admitted his crime.

An official investigation has been launched for the horrible incident.

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