Former Congressman And Cult Leader Ruben Ecleo, PH Most Wanted, Arrested In Pampanga

Manila, Philippines: Ruben Ecleo, a former Philippines congressman and religious cult leader was arrested by the authorities for killing his wife and being involved in corrupt practices.

60-year-old Ecleo was the head of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association.

In 2002, the remains of his wife were found inside a bin bag at the bottom of a ravine on the central island of Cebu.

Months after the death of his wife, Ecleo was arrested by the police in a raid on a house on the island of Dinagat.

17 people were killed during the raid.

In 2004, Ecleo was bailed and won a House of Representatives seat in 2010.

He is called as a perfect example in the Philippines where the rich and powerful are not held to account by the government and by the law.

In 2012, 1 year after he stopped attending the trial, a court in Cebu convicted him of parricide and gave him a sentence of 30 years.

The Manila Police placed Ecleo in the Most Wanted Person list in the country.

He was at the number 1 spot.

He was arrested by the police on Thursday.

In 2006, Ecleo was convicted of corruption committed when he was a town mayor in Dinagat in the early 1990s.

Ecleo became the leader of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association after the death of his father in 1987.

The Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association was founded in 1965, by the father of Ecleo.

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