Hong Kong Chief Executive Announces Withdrawal Of Extradition Bill

Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong-Kong, announced earlier today that the government is formally going to withdraw the extradition bill that has sparked outrage in the country.

Hundreds and thousands of protesters went to the streets of Hong-Kong to protest against a bill that would’ve sent them to mainland China for Trials.

The bill sparked massive protests which later became violent and led to the International airport of Hong-Kong to suspend their services earlier this year.

In a pre-recorded television statement that was released, Lam said that the government of Hong-Kong is not going to accept the other demands that are being asked by the citizens.

The protesters demanded an independent inquiry for the alleged police misconduct against the protesters.

In the message, Lam named 2 new members to a police watchdog agency that will investigate the matter.

The protesters also asked the government to release the detained protesters without any charges. But, CE Lam said this was “unacceptable”.

A lawmaker in Hong-Kong said the withdrawal of the extradition bill came really late.

But despite the announcement, protesters are still planning to continue the protests.

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