Kim Jong-Un Is In Coma And His “Evil” Sister Is Ready To Take Control Of North Korea

A South Korean diplomat has claimed that Kim Jong Un is currently in a coma and that his evil sister is ready to take over the country, North Korea.

Chang Song-min, an ex-aide to late-South Korean president Kim Dae-Jung, has claimed that Kim Jong Un is currently in a comatose state.

He also said that DPRK is currently hiding the truth about the deteriorating health of its leader.

This comes after the true health of Kim was mounting on social media because he went missing.

Chang Song-min said that Kim is in a coma, however, he is not dead.

Kim Yo-jong, the 33-year-old sister of Kim Jong Un, is ready to take the powers of her brother.

Song-Min added:

A complete succession structure has not been formed, so Kim Yo-jong is being brought to the fore as the vacuum cannot be maintained for a prolonged period.

The claims of Min come in the midst of North Korean media releasing images of Kim attending a government meeting on Thursday.

Reuters, a news agency, could not verify the images that were released by North Korea.

Last week, it was announced that Kim Jong Un had promoted his sister to second-in-command of their country.

32-year-old Kim Yo Jung is currently in charge of the country’s policy towards the United States of America and South Korea.

She is also the head in case the supreme leader is not in the country.

Kim Jong Un is currently the supreme leader of the country, he just gave some of his responsibilities to his sister so she could help him deal with the stress of ruling the country.

The current supreme leader of North Korea is currently around 36, he has only been seen a handful of times this year after it was rumored that he had gone through botched heart surgery.

It was said that the surgery left him dead or in a critical condition.

But those rumors were dismissed in May when the country released images of the leader cutting the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory.

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