Kim Jong-Un Pictured At Emergency North Korean Coronavirus Meeting After Rumors Of Being In Coma

Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, was pictured at the head of an emergency coronavirus meeting.

This comes after rumors blasted out on the internet that he was in a coma.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Kim was in a vegetative state after botched heart surgery and earlier this week it was reported that the dictator was in a coma.

However, the 2 claims were dismissed by North Korea by sharing images of the dictator.

Chang Song-Min, an ex-aide to the South Korean government, claimed last week that Kim was in a coma and that his sister was ready to take over the country.

In order to dismiss those claims, the North Korean government released images of Kim wearing a white suit.

Chang Son-Min said that the images of Kim that were shared are fake.

During an interview earlier this week, he told the news agencies:

I assess him to be in a coma, but his life has not ended.

It was also reported recently that Kim was preparing to hand over the reins to younger sister Kim Yo-Jong, who is 33 right now.

Jong is currently the second-highest ranked person in North Korea, which makes her the next in line for the thrown of her brother.

Spies for South Korea said that his sister serves as his “second-in-command”.

Jong has powers over the country in order to help relieve the stress her brother is facing.

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