Major Retailers Are Now Ditching “Harmful Pollutant Glitter” For Christmas To Help The Environment

A number of major supermarkets in the United Kingdom have vowed that they will be ditching glitter in their brand products for Christmas 2020.

This move is being done to help the environment and avoid increasing pollutants.

Glitter that is labeled as non-biodegradable, is known to be harmful.

It is capable of making its way into the food chain and causing harm to the creatures that ingest them.

It is believed that around 4 and 12 million tons of plastic waste travel into our oceans each year before breaking down into tiny pieces.

They usually end up being consumed by aquatic animals or animals that are present on the land.

Plastic pieces that have glitter are toxic and are capable of killing animals.

Retailers in the United Kingdom are now vowing that they will be doing their part in reducing plastic pollution, especially during Christmas each year.

Sainsbury’s announced recently that they will be removing glitters on their gift bags, wrapping paper,, and Christmas cards.

They will also reduce the amount of glitter that is used on the flowers, crackers, and decorations that they will be sealing.

The best thing about this is that they are not the only company that is doing this.

Boots has also promised to cut out all single-use plastic packaging from their Christmas gifts.

This alone will be responsible for a cut in 2000 tons of plastic.

Asda will also be doing their part, where they will launch their first sustainable Christmas range.

Tesco will be using edible glitter.

Morrisons has also joined the great act. They announced that they will be completely removing glitter from their brand products. Such products include cards, wrapping paper, bags, crackers, plants, and wreaths.

The crackers Morrison’s will be selling this year will only have wooden toys, metal, or paper.

Morrison’s alone will be responsible for reducing 50 tons of plastic with this act alone.

Waitrose and John Lewis have also agreed to remove all glitter from their single-use products that are going to be sold this Christmas.

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