Man Commits Suicide After Knifing Friends For “Raping His Girlfriend” Who Made Up Everything

A 26-year-old man shot himself in the head after knifing his 2 friends for raping his girlfriend, who admitted that she just made up everything by herself.

According to reports, Ruslan Lebedev stabbed 17-year-old Maxim Khabibullin and 16-year-old Alexander Rain after Anna, his girlfriend, claimed that the 2 teens forced her to have sex with them.

Maxim died during the attack, however, Alexander is currently fighting for his life and is in intensive care in Omsk, Russia.

After finding out what Ruslan had done, Anna revealed that she made the entire story up.

The dead body of Ruslan was found in a nearby forest on Wednesday, confirmed the police, and added that there was a handgun found beside his dead body.

According to local media reports, Anna told her friends that she feels sorry about what happened.

She also said that she had no idea that her boyfriend would do something like that and confirmed that the 2 teens never harmed her.

Anna was called into the police station for questioning as authorities have launched an official investigation of the death of the 2 men and injuries of the 3rd.

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