Pakistan Train Fire: 70 People Dead And 30 Injured After Gas Cylinder Explosion

Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan: At least 70 people have been confirmed dead and nearly 30 have been injured in a train fire that broke out in Pakistan’s Punjab Region, after a gas cylinder that passengers were using to cook food exploded.

According to Amir Taimoor, a police officer in Rahim Yar Khan, the train was passing through Rahim Yar Khan when the gas cylinder exploded.

Nadeem Zia, the medical supervisor of the District Headquarters Hospital in Liaquatpur, which is a city located in the Rahim Yar Khan district, in Pakistan’s Punjab region, confirmed that 70 people were killed in the incident.

Zia also confirmed that 30 people were injured in the incident.

Horrific images and videos were shared with the public, and it showed the train boxes burning, with flames coming out of the windows.

You could also see black fire coming out of the train.

Soldiers, paramedics, locals, and the local fire department rushed to the spot when they got to know about the incident.

According to reports, the government of Pakistan sent in an army helicopter to the site so the critically injured could get better treatment.

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, gave his condolences to the families of the victims through Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also asked the local government to launch an investigation about the said incident.

Sheikh Rasheed, the railway minister of Pakistan, released a statement.

Minister Rasheed said the incident was terrible and added: “We mourn those who have died.”

Minister Rasheed announced that the affected families will receive aid from the government of Pakistan.

Officer Taimoor said gas cylinders are banned on trains.

Preliminary investigations found out that the passengers of the train were using gas-powered cookers to prepare breakfast inside the train when the incident happened.

Most of the people that were onboard the train were heading to a protest in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

Rahim Yar Khan is located 800 kilometers away from Islamabad.

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