Pediatrician Falsely Diagnosed Kids With Cancer So Scared Parents Can Buy Private Treatment From Him

Dr. Mina Chowdhury, who was once the director of a private company in Glasgow, was operating at a loss and was under financial pressure when he started to scare parents.

The dr. reportedly scared parents by falsely diagnosing kids with cancer so their parents can buy private treatment from him.

Dr. Chowdhury reportedly informed 1 mother that her daughter had stomach cancer and that it could spread to other parts if she was not treated.

The doctor also refused the child for NHS treatment.

Dr. Chowdhury also falsely diagnosed 2 other children before recommending scans and tests that are connected to Meras Healthcare, his company that was in financial crisis.

Investigators said it is clear that Dr. Chowdhury did the horrible acts as he was pressured financially.

Dr. Chowdhury did not refer the 3 kids to the NHS’s pediatric oncology department.

The doctor guided the parents towards private healthcare and informed them that they can face long waiting times if they went to the pediatric oncology department of the NHS.

Dr. Chowdhury also claimed that equipment for cancer wouldn’t be available in Scotland.

Investigations revealed that Dr. Chowdhury altered medical notes.

Dr. Chowdhury denied the allegations that are placed against him.

Parent A, a parent of the victim, said she was made to feel that the NHS was unable to help with her daughter.

The parent said her daughter was suffering from passing out, chronic weight loss, dizziness, and blindness.

Parent A said, “When you have seen your daughter is that ill and you get nowhere, you feel they are turning their back on you. When someone agrees they are in an ill state, you feel someone is trying to help you.”

Parent A added, “I hugged him after the diagnosis that she might have cancer, it was a relief that if it was that bad someone was going to help my child.”

Dr. Chowdhury denied telling Parent A that her daughter had cancer, but he did admit that he said there was a possibility.

Tribunal chair James Newton-Price said, “The Tribunal has made findings that Dr. Chowdhury failed to provide good clinical care to Patients A, B, and C, including findings of fact that he diagnosed cancerous conditions without proper investigation and for which he recommended unnecessary and expensive testing in London.”

James added, “He tried to persuade Parents A, B and C to pay for unnecessary tests in relation to unwarranted cancerous diagnoses.”

The Tribunal continued, “The Tribunal is driven to the inescapable conclusion that Dr. Chowdhury acted as it has found in order to increase the income or reduce the losses of his business and that all his actions were therefore financially motivated.”

The mother claimed that Dr. Chowdhury said her daughter would require getting blood tests that cost around £3,245.

Dr. Chowdhury also told Parent A that they would have to travel to London for an MRI scan.

Dr. Chowdhury did all this without discussing NHS referral.

The MPTS (Medical Practitioners Tribunal Services) are going to see if his ability to practice medicine is found to be impaired due to the misconduct.

If found guilty in the charges he is facing, Dr. Chowdhury can be struck off from practicing medicine.

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