9-Year-Old Indian Girl Plays Keyboard And Mobile Games During Brain Surgery In Gwalior Hospital

A young girl from India is currently viral on social media right now after they were caught on cam undergoing brain surgery.

The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior area.

Reports suggest the girl underwent brain surgery at the BIMR Hospital on Sunday of this week.

Soumya, who is 9, underwent brain surgery in a fully conscious state to get a tumor removed from her brain.

The girl was playing with her synthesizer while the doctors were removing the tumor.

The girl was awake throughout the surgery and had to keep moving her fingers in order to make sure that her hand movements and coordination were not damaged.

The entire incident was caught on cam.

When the girl was brought to the hospital, the doctors said that it will be difficult to perform surgery on her brain if she was sleeping due to the fact that her nerves could be damaged.

For this reason, the doctors decided to conduct the surgery in a method that is called as “Awake Craniotomy”.

The doctors asked the girl to play her keyboard during the surgery.

According to reports, the girl was only given local anesthesia in part of the wake surgery.

Talking about the surgery, the kid said she was asked to play the piano for 6 straight hours and even played mobile games.

The kid said she feels better now.

Neurosurgeon Abhishek Chauhan is the one that carried out the surgery.

Recalling the surgery, the surgeon said:

The case was challenging but the operation was successful with our team’s efforts. When we were operating we asked her to play the piano. There were chances for the child to slip into paralysis but she was conscious throughout the operation.

The kid is now recovering from the surgery that they got.

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