Russian Ice Hockey Player Receives AK-47 Automatic Rifle For Winning Man Of The Match Award

A Russian ice hockey player received an AK-47 automatic rifle as an award for winning the man of the match award.

The head coach of Izhstal, a club in the second tier of the Russian Hockey, said that the team was a fitting choice for a team from Izhevsk.

The city is known for producing one of the world’s most recognizable rifles, the AK-47 Automatic Rifle.

Ramil Saifullin, the head coach of the team, said: “Lads, today we too are introducing a tradition.”

He added, “As we live in an arms manufacturing city, the city of the Kalashnikov, every match you will for yourselves name the best player, and the previous [recipient] will hand it over to him,” he said inviting the captain to name the first recipient.”

The captain of the team joked and asked: “Can we fire it?”

The unusual award was then handed over to Savely Kononov, the goalkeeper of the team.

While the team celebrated with laughter, Kononov jokingly said, “Congratulations on the win, but if we play poorly we will be shot with it.”

One team player asked if they could take the gun to away matches.

The coach replied, “We will figure it out. We will carry a wooden model.”

This is the most Russian thing you’ll hear today…

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