Vladimir Sankin: “Hero” Who Beat Convicted Pedophile To Death Has Been Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

A man in Russia that beat a pedophile to death was sentenced to spend 15 years in prison.

The man reportedly beat a convicted pedophile to death after saving 2 young boys.

Official reports suggest that the man, 34-year-old Vladimir Sankin, was convicted of murder.

The man is facing up to 15 years of prison because he reportedly used disproportionate force on the pedophile.

The decision that was made by the court has caused an outcry from the public.

Sankin is currently being hailed as a “hero” by locals for saving the 2 young boys.

The 34-year-old man will be sentenced officially next week, but the chances are high that he will be getting 15 years in jail.

What Happened?

Sankin was passing by the Ufa apartment where pedophile Vladimir Zaitsev was living at.

The man had been jailed before for attacking children in a very sexually manner.

It was later said that 2 boys, who are 10 and 14, had been lured to the house and were being forced to drink alcohol.

The pedophile would then tell the teens to strip naked or face death.

The 10-year-old boy managed to escape the scene and they met Sankin, who ran to the scene in order to help the 14-year-old boy.

The man ended up beating the pedophile to death.

What Now?

The case of Sankin has caused an uproar in the country, especially for the ones that believe Sankin is a hero for saving the boys.

Around 70,000 people in the country have signed a petition and they are all calling for the charges against the man to be dropped.

The man will be sentenced by the local authorities next week, said a number of news agencies in Russia.

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