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Rajaratha is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy action film in Kannada and Telugu. Telugu title of this film is Rajaratham. The film is written and directed by Anup Bhandari who also composed the film’s music and produced by Ajay Reddy, Vishu Dakappagari, Anju Vallabh and Sathish Sastry. It stars Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty in the lead roles in their second collaboration with the director after the success of RangiTaranga.


The film also stars Tamil actor Arya as a guest role, who makes his debut in Kannada cinema, in an important supporting role, besides P. Ravishankar and Sruthi Hariharan also in other supporting roles. While the film score is composed by B. Ajaneesh Loknath, the soundtrack is composed by Anup Bhandari. The cinematography is by William David.The first look of the film was released in the social media by the team on 2 October 2017. The film is set to premiere on 17 November 2017. The major portion of the filming is located in and around Mysuru



Nirup Bhandari

Avantika Shetty


Sruthi Hariharan

P.ravi Shankar



Directed by: Anup Bhandari

Produced by: Anju Vallabh, Ajay Reddy, Vishu dakkappagari, Sathish Sastry

Music director: Anup Bhandari, b. ajaneesh loknath

Release date: 23rd March 2018

Country: India

Language: Telugu



the film takes off with a voice over of Rana daggubati as rajaratham, a travel bus. followed by this, all the passengers travelling in the bus are introduced. tamil actor Arya as Vishwa is the villain. there will be a political dispute scene between Andhra and Karnataka states and then the interval. the first half is not up to the mark.

in the second half, as traffic stabbled in the forest. abhi and Megha get down the bus and miss the route to get back to the bus. they end up in staying at a guest house they come across. the bus gets caught by the riots due to the disputes between the states. the rajaratham ends with a message-oriented climax.


This is a romantic comedy film in which the lead roles are Arya, nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty.Anup Bhandari has repeated the cast of rangitaranga by choosing Avantika Shetty and niruBhandari. tamil actor arya made his debut into kannada film. he is seen in the negative flick. rana daggubati and punnet raj lent voice for the story narration. rajaratham is aimed at recent generation audience with a good message along with entertainment. heroine Avantika Shetty is pretty all over the film.

the story or concept of the film is not established in first forty minutes. the first farewell song of abhi is average. the Neeli megha song visuals are good. as that the first half is not upto the mark. the second half is required to be much better to survive the film. there were many expectations regarding the film. but by the time of interval, the audience may lose their patience. it is a boring tale in the name of comedy.





high production values

neeli meghama song visuals.



lack of story

too many characters

average music

terrible comedy

Allindiaroundup Rating: 3 /5

Audience rating:


the ragnitaranga failed to recreate the magic. in the end, it turns out to be an average film.

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